As one door closes.



Entrepreneurship is interesting. Like a leap off of a cliff, there are millions of sensations. The wind in your hair, the sting of the water, the realization that you can, in fact, swim. The first breath after clawing yourself back up.

It is with plenty of nerves and a bit of trepidation, we close the doors of Found in Kind. We are definitely leaping here – into something a bit unknown, a bit exciting and which will remind us that we know how to swim.

This adventure has been a good one – from the people we’ve met, to collaborations, projects and adventures – and we are so thankful.

It’s easy to feel like closing these doors (or perhaps the website redirect itself) is a failure. The change from a to b – or b to the unknown – is just the next step of a lifetime of iteration. We’re constantly changing, constantly evolving – in business and in life.

This shift is making space for things to come.

I’ll be sharing more about this transition and other thoughts on life, entrepreneurship, motherhood and [plenty] more. I’d be honored for you to follow along.

To chasing your dreams & creating magic.