Hi Ya’ll! I’m yankee born, southern raised. I’m a gyspy nomad military spouse entrepreneurial powerhouse. I’m a mama, a runner, a yogi, wine lover, chocolate addict and have caffeine on IV. I believe in taking the scary leaps, dreaming big, loud music, kitchen dance parties and the power of a good meal.

In 2013, I started Constellation, ETC, a new marketing agency concept specifically for small and micro businesses. We do some pretty powerful work – making people’s business dreams come true.

Whether it’s design, branding, digital marketing or public relations, I’m all about connecting small businesses with great collaborators and partners and building powerful communities.

In 2014, I dreamed of a place to connect with fellow boss babes over life, business and dreams – and when I couldn’t find it, I built Found in Kind.

FK is a community and platform for the movers, shakers and magic makers. Whether you are a kitchen table entrepreneur or a boardroom babe, FK is here to guide you, inspire you and help you make a dent in the universe. We are passionate about supporting other women around the world and in our local communities. We believe in the power of good shoes, late nights wandering through Target, strong coffee and a good glass of wine among friends.

In mid-2016, I closed Found in Kind to spend more time focusing on family, pushing my first business, Constellation, ETC forward and working on other side projects. It’s been the best decision so far – and have none of the feelings of “failure” that I imagined.

I’m all about the good things in life, even though they can be pretty hard to see some days. A cool evening outside surrounded by good friends, good food, good music and good wine? Call my heart complete. The good life, Paige-style is full of gardening, running, a little yoga, cute kids, white walls, books for days, adventures, half baked DIY projects, cooking, and red wine…

There’s more…

I am far from perfect – but in the glorious pursuit of happiness and a grateful life, I’ve found a few things that I hold true. Business isn’t just about the numbers, life shouldn’t be sacrificed for growth and the more I can know about how my business works, the better I can make my business work for me. It means I’ve learned the power of self-care, the importance of understanding ROI – both in my life and my business, and that above everything, my relationships come first: they are the only thing that will matter through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and life. I am a mama, wife and entrepreneur, a fair-weather domestic goddess who would rather order Chinese than stress about dinner during those valuable evening playtime hours. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and yet, excited about the future because we are building the life of our dreams. I love education and respect the institution, but learned that life brings its own lessons. I believe in grateful living, the pursuit of magic and the power of making big things happen.

My official bio might read a little like this:

Paige Hewlett is a seasoned entrepreneur, most recently as founder and ceo of Found in Kind, a for-purpose company connecting movers, shakers and magic makers around the world to make business, better, through impact, growth and community. She’s received her MS in Marketing and MA in International Affairs and a BA in International Studies with a focus on Business and Mandarin Chinese, all from Texas A&M University. She is a military spouse (Army), mom of two and enjoys running, gardening and dreams of one day spending her days feeding chickens, unschooling kids and growing tomatoes in rural France.

Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee! Contact me here.

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